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joozu (na)
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jouzu – 上手 (じょうず) : a noun but often used as an adjective to mean 'skillful' or 'good (at)' in Japanese. In the Japanese language the border between nouns and some adjectives called na -adjectives is very ambiguous.
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Jouzu is a na – adjective and it usually appears at the end of a sentence to express someone's exceptional ability at doing something. Heta has the opposite meaning of jouzu. It is also usually written in kanji and looks like this:
Jouzu 上手 is an adjective. In some grammar books it will be called a semi-adjectives because it requires the copule -な - na to be attached before a substantive.
joozu - "good at skillful" Joozu is an - na adjective and the reading of kanji is irregular. The opposite word heta is also an - na adjective and has an irregular reading. kyonen - "last year" Memorize the following vocabulary words. "last year" - kyonen "this year" - kotoshi "next year" - rainen; yo-nen. ichi-nenkan. Please study the time ...
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