Answer: He used greater magic than what the whitch new.
How did Aslan come back to life?
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Aslan is killed by the White Witch and all the forces of evil but because he is a willing sacrifice "death starts to work backwards" and Aslan's life is restored.
When Aslan leaps into the Witch's courtyard with Lucy and Susan on his back Lucy immediately notices the stone statues. Aslan breathes on the statues and they return to life; a lion returned to his former self leaps in delight and licks Aslan's face. Lucy finds Mr. Tumnus and Aslan brings him back to life. Why did Aslan die for Edmund?
Although they did not follow him at first they eventually trusted him again and accordingly Aslan awoke the hibernating Narnians and called forth a river-god to end the Second Battle of Beruna. Aslan blessed Caspian X as the next king of Narnia and returned many of the conquered Telmarines to Earth to start a new life.
Susan and Lucy spot Aslan and run to him and beg to follow. Aslan agrees as long as Susan and Lucy leave when he tells them to. As the three travel together Aslan becomes increasingly depressed an...