Answer: to match with
hacer juego con
transitive verb phrase. 1. (to coordinate with) a. to match. ¡Qué bonita pollera! ¡Y te hace juego con el pulóver!Nice skirt! And it matches your sweater too! b. to go with. Necesitas unos zapatos que te hagan juego con el traje.You need a pair of shoes to go with your suit. c. to go well with.
See Also in Spanish. juego noun. game play set gambling sport. hacer verb. do make ask be cause. con preposition.
intransitive verb phrase. 1. (to coordinate with; often used with "con") a. to match. Tienes que comprarte un saco que haga juego con ese pantalón. You need to buy a jacket that matches those pants. b. to go.
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