Answer: Spencer Day
gay in a gay way
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So I think gay dating sites are better for that but at the same time if I wanted to meet people on my own then I could go to gay bars and meet people there. People can go in and hook up or they can chat. I don't think gay dating sites are great for the people who are really looking for love. more
Gay . This word is generally used and is appropriate to use if you are describing any person who is attracted to people of the same sex. However it is most often used to describe a man who is attracted to other men. " Gay " in and of itself is not really a derogatory term.
If we define being gay as engaging in homosexual behavior (the concept of "gay" as an identity is a Western cultural concept – people who have sex with both men and women may call themselves gay straight or bisexual depending on the rules of their culture or subculture) then people stop being gay as soon as they stop engaging in this behavior.
Gay men tend to stay trendy and clean. They also tend to wear pink on Wednesdays. 3. His friend group. I as a homosexual I have a lot of friends who are females with a small handful of guy friends. Does that consider me gay ? Supposedly it does. So If there is a guy that you think might be gay than if his friend group is made up of 85% of females.
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