Answer: to please or satisfy
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Word Origin late Middle English: from Old French ratifier from medieval Latin ratificare from Latin ratus 'fixed' (see rate1).
Scrabble Points: 12
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Ratify is a powerful online system that streamlines the management of all workplace related documents in one easy-to-use platform. Take more control of your in-house and external compliance requirements such as inductions training appointments medicals background checks and much more. Ratify also lets your employees and sub-contractors ...
Gratify definition is - to be a source of or give pleasure or satisfaction to. How to use gratify in a sentence. Did you know?
View Gratify at 5212 Morningside Dr. Houston TX 77005 on Google Maps. Call Gratify by phone at 713.524.7865. Get Directions to Gratify via Google Maps. TUES-THURS 4-10. FRI-SAT 4-11. CLOSED SUN-MON. About Us. Driven by gratitude Gratify Neighborhood Bistro was created to pay homage to the community and to the staff that enabled us to survive ...
Ratify definition is - to approve and sanction formally : confirm. How to use ratify in a sentence.
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Established in 2021. Gratify Neighborhood Bistro's vibrant take on baroque architecture transports guests to a contemporary Versailles - a ...