Answer: v. to pass off as genuine or valuable
Word Origin mid 16th century (in the sense 'palm a false die so as to produce it at the right moment'): from Dutch dialect vuisten 'take in the hand' from vuist (see fist).
Scrabble Points: 8
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An early sense of the word foist now obsolete referred to palming a phony die and secretly introducing it into a game at an opportune time. The action involved in this cheating tactic reflects the etymology of foist. The word is believed to derive from the obsolete Dutch verb vuisten meaning "to take into one's hand."
Foist definition to force upon or impose fraudulently or unjustifiably (usually followed by on or upon): to foist inferior merchandise on a customer. See more.
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tr.v.foist·ed foist·ing foists 1. To pass off as genuine valuable or worthy: "I can usually tell whether a poet... is foisting off on us what he'd like to think is pure invention"(J.D. Salinger). 2.
Foist definition: to sell or pass off (something esp an inferior article) as genuine valuable etc | Meaning pronunciation translations and examples
Foist is defined as to pass something off as valuable when it is not or to trick someone into having or doing something they do...