Answer: joking at an inappropriate time
Word Origin late 16th century (in the general sense 'witty amusing'): from French facétieux from facétie from Latin facetia 'jest' from facetus 'witty'.
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Facetious may be defined as "joking or jesting often inappropriately" or "not serious." Sarcastic on the other hand while still concerned with humor tends to imply a more caustic or biting quality that is often intended to cause pain. Is facetious the same as facetiousness?
Facetious is most commonly used to describe comments that are intentionally unserious especially in a way that's meant to be humorous and perhaps a bit inappropriate or provocative. It can also be used to describe someone making such comments.
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adjective flippant funny amusing witty merry humorous playful pleasant frivolous tongue in cheek comical jesting droll jocular waggish unserious jocose Are you going to listen or just make facetious remarks? serious earnest grave genuine sober sincere thoughtful sedate lugubrious pensive dinkum (Austral & N.Z. informal)