Answer: to free from entanglements or difficulties; to remove with effort
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Word Origin early 17th century (in the sense 'unravel untangle'): from Latin extricat- 'unravelled' from the verb extricare from ex- 'out' + tricae 'perplexities'.
Scrabble Points: 18
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English Language Learners Definition of extricate : to free or remove (someone or something) from something (such as a trap or a difficult situation) See the full definition for extricate in the English Language Learners Dictionary
1. withdraw relieve free clear deliver liberate wriggle out of get (someone) off the hook (slang) disembarrass an attempt to extricate himself from his financial difficulties 2. free clear release remove rescue get out disengage disentangle Emergency workers tried to extricate the survivors from the wreckage.
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Some common synonyms of extricate are disembarrass disencumber disentangle and untangle. While all these words mean "to free from what binds or holds back " extricate implies the use of care or ingenuity in freeing from a difficult position or situation. extricated himself from financial difficulties
verb (used with object) ex·tri·cat·ed ex·tri·cat·ing. to free or release...