Answer: the study of the relation between language and culture
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Ethnolinguistics (sometimes called cultural linguistics) is an area of anthropological linguistics that studies the relationship between a language and the nonlinguistic cultural behavior of the people who speak that language. Linguistics. Theoretical linguistics. Cognitive.
Ethnolinguistics definition is - a study of the relations between linguistic and nonlinguistic cultural behavior.
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Ethnolinguistics that part of anthropological linguistics concerned with the study of the interrelation between a language and the cultural behaviour of those who speak it. Several controversial questions are involved in this field: Does language shape culture or vice versa? What influence does
Ethnolinguistics is a field of linguistic anthropology which studies the language of a particular ethnic group.. Ethnolinguistics is frequently associated with minority linguistic groups within a larger population such as the Native American languages or the languages of immigrants.
where π i is the proportion of people that belong to ethnic (religious or cultural) group i and N is the number of groups. The broad ...