Answer: to wait for
Esperar tiene en inglés varias traducciones entre las que se encuentran wait (for) await hope y expect. Se traduce por wait ( for ) cuando esperar se refiere al hecho de aguardar la llegada de alguien o de un suceso:
Conjugate Esperar in every Spanish verb tense including preterite imperfect future conditional and subjunctive.
Esperar sentado: This idiom expresses that someone is or might be waiting for something that won't likely happen. Usually ' esperar sentado' implies some kind of irony or mockery for the person that is waiting. This expression can be translated as 'don't hold your breath' or ' it ain't gonna happen'.
esperar translate: to hope (for) to hope to wait for to wait to be in store to be expecting to wait to wait…. Learn more in the Cambridge Spanish-English Dictionary.
Esperar is a common Spanish verb that can mean "to hope for " "to wait " and "to expect." You can figure out which meaning is intended by looking at the context sentence structure and whether esperar is followed by a verb in the subjunctive mood . This article explains some o...