Answer: 23434
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Err23 : Int_3 Internal error ID card NOK The power PCB is not recognized by the MMI Err24: Int_4 Internal error EEPROM EEPROM memory fault Err05: (+)(-) Polarity reversal at the clamps The clamps are reversed Revert the clamps back in normal position Voltmeter fault Check the voltmeter PCB related issue Repair the PCBs
- Err23 Flame sensed during post-purge (before gas valve signaled open). Check the gas valve for proper operation. Replace gas valve is problem persists. STA14 Hard Lockout When a hard lockout occurs boiler shuts down. STA16 Flame Out of Sequence
Thought I'd post it here too for the new players. "The Deep Rock Galactic Miners manual (D.R.G.M) classifies ERR://23¤Y%/ as a naturally occuring slightly radioactive rare form mineral. It is used to create some of the strongest alloys in known space. 'ERR ore' is marked 23¤Y% on the galactic periodic table (where Y = Current state percentage ...
Right now I think the DRG dev team is...