Answer: to teach
a. to teach. Mi padre me enseñó a pescar.My father taught me how to fish. 2. (to allow to view) a. to show. Ana me enseñó su casa nueva. Ana showed me her new house. 3. (to give as an example) a. to teach. Perder su trabajo le enseñó a ser más trabajador.Losing his job taught him to be more hardworking.
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1 Mostly obsolete form now mainly used in legal jargon. 2 Argentine and Uruguayan voseo prefers the tú form for the present subjunctive. show Selected combined forms of enseñar. These forms are generated automatically and may not actually be used. Pronoun usage varies by region. singular. plural. 1st person. 2nd person.
enseñar. a vt. 1 (Educ) to teach educate. enseñar a algn a hacer algo to teach sb (how) to do sth. enseña francés he teaches French. 2 (=mostrar) to show. (=señalar) to point out. estás enseñando el sujetador your bra's showing. enseñar algo con el dedo to point to sth.
['Enseñar' in imperative form] + [indirect pronoun] + [complement] Enséñame a bailar.. Teach me how to dance.....