Answer: the boarding of a ship s:enter a:departing; disembark
embarkation : See: beginning birth inception onset outset start
the act process or an instance of embarking.
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embarkation The process of putting personnel and/or vehicles and their associated stores and equipment into ships and/or aircraft.
yup agree with Mapchick and Robert only the flight number DL536 or the like. We just came home on Sept 10 and there was nothing about embarkation city (nor do I ever recall there being one in over 20 visits).
The Seattle Port of Embarkation operated seven transport ships to receive and deliver supplies. In November 1941 the terminal became a subport of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation and on January 17 1942 it became a separate facility the Seattle Port of Embarkation . Troops shipped out from Seattle to duty in Alaska and the Pacific.
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