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el diente
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El Diente of all Colorado's Fourteener's is the western-most and consequently the furthest from Denver (Front Range). However since the peak only lies .75 mile west of Mt. Wilson it's a trifle badge of recognizance.
El Diente is the northern most of the four newer apartment buildings. It houses mostly four-person apartments. El Diente also has one two-person apartment three five-person apartments and one studio apartment. The building also contains a convenient reading room for students to use for studying.
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hincar el diente en [+comida] to bite into; [+asunto] to get one's teeth into nunca pude hincarle el diente a ese libro I could never get my teeth into that book pelar el diente (Latinoamérica) to smile affectedly
El Diente is a moderately hot blend that packs more flavor than heat. This is a versatile blend you can use anywhere you would use a Cajun rub. Try it on chicken beef por...