Answer: extreme boldness, audacious
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Word Origin late 17th century: from French effronterie based on late Latin effrons effront- 'shameless barefaced' from ex- 'out' + frons 'forehead'.
Scrabble Points: 19
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Effrontery derives from Latin effrons a word that combines the prefix ex- (meaning "out" or "without") and "frons" (meaning "forehead" or "brow").
Some common synonyms of effrontery are audacity cheek chutzpah gall hardihood nerve and temerity. While all these words mean "conspicuous or flagrant boldness " effrontery implies shameless insolent disregard of propriety or courtesy. outraged at his effrontery When is it sensible to use audacity instead of effrontery?
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shameless or impudent boldness; barefaced audacity: She had the effrontery to ask for two free samples. an act or instance of this. OTHER WORDS FOR effrontery 1 impertinence impudence cheek.
/ efˈrʌn.t ə r.i / extreme rudeness without any ability to understand that your behaviour is not acceptable to other people: He was sile...