Answer: to fall asleep
dormirse (ue u)
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o to ue is in the present tense of dormir - stem changing verb in all conjugations except the nosotros conjugation. yo duermo tu duermes el duerme nosotros dormimos ellos duermen. o to u is in the preterite (past) tense of dormir in the él/ellos conjugations. yo dormí tu dormiste él durmió nosotros dormimos ellos durmieron
Translate Dormirse ( ue ). See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations examples and word-by-word explanations.
DORMIR is a conjugated form of the verb dormir. Learn to conjugate dormir.
Dormirse (ue u ) to fall asleep. lavarse. to wash. Poder ( ue ) to be able can. Poner (irreg) to put. pedir (i i) to ask for. estar (irreg) to be. querer (ie) to want ...
Dormirse (ue u ) To fall asleep. Ducharse. To take a shower. Lavarse (la cara) To wash (your face) Maquillarse. To put makeup on. Bañarse. To take a bath. Cepillarse ...
dormirse (ue u ) to sleep. ducharse. to take a shower. encontrarse. to meet. ganar. to earn make (money) lavarse las...