Answer: to have fun
divertirse (ie i)
divertirse . 1 (pasarlo bien) to have a good time; enjoy o.s. ¡que te diviertas! have a good time!; enjoy yourself! os estáis divirtiendo a mi costa se divierte de nuestras penas tu novio se está divirtiendo de ti. 2 (distraerse) to amuse o.s.
The Spanish verb divertirse means to have fun or to have a good time. Divertirse is a reflexive verb—it is accompanied by the reflexive pronouns (me te se nos os se). Also divertirse is an -ir stem-changing verb which means that in many conjugations when the vowel e of the verb's root is stressed it turns into ie.
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no se diviertan. 1 Mostly obsolete form now mainly used in legal jargon. 2 Argentine and Uruguayan voseo prefers the tú form for the present subjunctive. show ...