Answer: el disquete
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Word Origin mid 17th century (originally referring to the seemingly flat round form of the sun or moon): from French disque or Latin discus (see discus).
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Disk definition is - the seemingly flat figure of a celestial body. How to use disk in a sentence.
noun any thin flat circular plate or object. any surface that is flat and round or seemingly so: the disk of the sun. disc (def. 1).
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Although disc and disk are listed as variants for something round and flat in shape each one seems to have a preferred usage. Disc is seen more often in the music industry and throwable objects such as Frisbees whereas disk is the preferred spelling in computer-related lingo such as floppy disk. An ode to physical media
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Most of what you need to remember about "disk" and "disc" is the following: "disk" is the preferred spelling in American English and it's also the spelling used...