Answer: to rest, to relax
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b. to nap. Él descansó un rato después de almorzar.He napped for a while after eating lunch. 3. (to be buried) a. to rest. En este lugar las almas desafortunadas pueden descansar en paz. This is a place where unfortunate souls can rest in peace. 4. (agriculture) a. to rest.
Conjugate Descansar in every Spanish verb tense including preterite imperfect future conditional and subjunctive.
Puedo descansar ahora con ese pensamiento. I can rest now with that thought in my mind. Puedes descansar y ponerte algo bonito. You can relax and change into something nice. Luego puede descansar bañarse y desayunar. Then you can relax have a bath and a nice breakfast. Ahora estoy muy cansada y quisiera descansar .
Descansar is a Spanish verb meaning to rest and in context it can also mean to sleep or to take a break. Descansar is conjugated regularly in the same way as other -ar verbs like remansar (to stagnate) amansar (to tame) and transar (to make a transaction).
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