Answer: to devote oneself
Advanced Word Finder. See Also in Spanish. dedicarse a verb. dedicate to engage in take up be engaged embrace. dedicarse a la enseñanza verb. teach. dedicarse con entusiasmo phrase.
Spanish Pronunciation of Dedicarse . Learn how to pronounce Dedicarse in Spanish with video audio and syllable-by-syllable spelling from Latin America and Spain.
English words for dedicarse a include engage in take up be engaged embrace go in for and knuckle down. Find more Spanish words at!
dedicarse present tense spanish. dedicarse spanish conjugation. dedicarse tu form. dedicarse tú form. dedicarse usted form. dedicarse ustedes form. dedicarse verb chart. dedicarse verb conjugation. dedicarse vosotros form.
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Dedicarse: Imperfect Subjunctive Tense. Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb dedicarse in Imperfect Subjunctive tense. There are two forms for the Imperfect Subjunctive in Spanish. The -se form is considered the traditional form of the imperfect subjunctive while the -ra is derived from an old Latin indicative ...
Antes de dedicarse a la fotografía Succi trabajaba en producción audiovisual. Before dedicating himself to photography Succi worked in audiovisual production. Ser capaces de dedi...