Answer: a celebration of the home
cult of domesticity
Cult of Domesticity Virtues. Godey's Lady's Book was a highly influential women's magazine which reinforced many of the values of the Cult... Influence. The Cult of Domesticity affected married women's labor market participation in the 19th and the beginning of... Connection to the women's movement. ...
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Did You Know? The "cult of domesticity " or "true womanhood " was an idealized set of societal standards that became popular with... Piety purity submissiveness and domesticity were the mark of femininity during this period. The early cult of domesticity led to the development of the women's ...
The culture of domesticity(often shortened to "cult of domesticity") or cult of true womanhoodwas a prevailing value system among the upperand middle classesduring the nineteenth century in the United Statesand Great Britain.
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The Cult of Domesticity was designed for the wives and daughters of the men who made up America's white middle and upper class power structure.
• The Cult of Domesticity was also known as the Cult of True Womanhood. • Began in 1820s and was a major movement in the United States until the civil war • The Cult was an ideology that created a new idea about the role of women in society.
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