Answer: potato chips
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Word Origin Old English (referring to hair in the sense 'curly'): from Latin crispus 'curled'. Other senses may result from symbolic interpretation of the sound of the word.
Scrabble Points: 9
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Crisp definition is - easily crumbled : brittle. How to use crisp in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of crisp.
Crisps and Crumbles Share They go by the names crisps crumbles and buckles but we all know them as the easiest family-friendliest ways to transform fruit into dessert.
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Crisps form a large part of the snack and convenience food market in Western countries. For the 52 weeks ending July 14 2019 approximately 139.9 thousand tonnes of crisps were sold in Britain alone. The global potato chip and crisps market size was estimated to be worth $35.5 billion in 2020.
crisp definition: 1. hard enough to be broken easily 2. used to describe ...