Answer: A relationship between two kinds of organisms that benefits one without
harming the other.
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Definition of commensalism : a relation between two kinds of organisms in which one obtains food or other benefits from the other without damaging or benefiting it Examples of commensalism in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Other types of symbiosis include parasitism commensalism and amensalism.
Commensalism is a type of relationship between two living organisms in which one organism benefits from the other without harming it. A commensal species benefits from another species by obtaining locomotion shelter food or support from the host species which (for the most part) neither benefits nor is harmed.
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Commensalism is a long-term biological interaction (symbiosis) in which members of one species gain benefits while those of the other species neither benefit nor are harmed.
commensalism in biology a relationship between individuals of two speciesin which one species obtains foodor other benefits from the other without either harming or benefiting the latter.
Commensalism is a relationship between two species of organisms such as plants animals and fungus in which one species benefits while the other is unaffected as in Scientists have studied the commensalis...