Answer: the use of tricks or clever talk to deceive or evade
Word Origin late 16th century: from French chicanerie from chicaner 'to quibble' (see chicane).
Scrabble Points: 19
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Chicanery definition is - deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry : trickery. How to use chicanery in a sentence. chicanery Has Roots in French
Chicanery definition trickery or deception by quibbling or sophistry: He resorted to the worst flattery and chicanery to win the job. See more.
Define chicanery . chicanery synonyms chicanery pronunciation chicanery translation English dictionary definition of chicanery . n. Deception by trickery or sophistry.
chicanery meaning: 1. clever dishonest talk or behaviour that is used to deceive people: 2. clever dishonest talk…. Learn more.
Chicanery is an American experimental rock band consisting of Warren Cuccurullo and Neil Carlill.Based in Venice Cali...