Answer: to load, upload
cargar en o sobre algo [persona] to lean on o against sth. [muro bóveda] to rest on sth be supported by sth. 5 (Ling) [acento] to fall ( en sobre on) 6 (Meteo) to turn veer ( a to) ( hacia towards) c cargarse vpr. 1 (=llenarse) cargarse de [+fruta dinero] to be full of loaded with.
However I wish to say that in no way can we portray the Community administration as particularly laden with defects. 2. "toro". cargar (also: informar recorrer revestir forrar cobijar arropar arrebozar mantener cubierto acaballar abarcar) volume_up. cover [ covered|covered] {vb}
Cargo is a conjugated form of the verb cargar . Learn to conjugate cargar .
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