Answer: A microscopic blood vessel located between an arteriole & venule through
which materials are exchanged between blood & body cells
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Word Origin mid 17th century: from Latin capillaris from capillus 'hair' influenced by Old French capillaire.
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Capillary definition is - resembling a hair especially in slender elongated form. How to use capillary in a sentence.
A capillary is a small blood vessel from 5 to 10 micrometres (μm) in diameter and having a wall one endothelial cell thick. They are the smallest blood vessels in the body: they convey blood between the arterioles and venules. These microvessels are the site of exchange of many substances with the interstitial fluid surrounding them.
Capillaries form a network throughout the body and are the functional unit of general circulation. Capillary walls are semipermeable and allow passage of O2 glucose and other nutrients from the blood into the cells and waste products (CO2 NH3) into the blood to be excreted or eliminated through the lungs.
Capillary action is important for moving water (and all of the things that are dissolved in it) around. It is defined as the movement of water within the spaces of a porous material due to the forces of adhesion cohesion and surface tension.
Capillary in human physiology any of the minute blood vessels that form networks throughout the bodily tissu...