Answer: preposition b 8
but (meaning except)
But can mean 'except' after words like all none every any everything everybody nothing and no. He eats nothing but French fries. (= He eats nothing except French fries.) She did nothing but cry. (= She did nothing except cry.) After but we usually use object pronouns (e.g. me him her etc.) Subject pronouns (I he etc) are possible in a more formal style.
except (also excepting) only saving yet; Synonyms: Preposition. apart from aside from bar barring beside besides except (also excepting) except for excluding exclusive of other than outside outside of save saving; Synonyms: Adverb. just merely only purely simply; Visit the Thesaurus for More
But meaning 'except' But means 'except' when it is used after words such as all everything/nothing everyone/no one everybody/nobody: … But for + reason
meaning 'except' But is also used after all and after words beginning with every-or any-. When but is used after one of these words it means 'except'. For example 'He enjoyed everything but maths' means 'He enjoyed everything except maths'.
except definition: 1. not including; but not: 2 not including; but...