Answer: Contusion or Ecchomosis
Unexplained Bruising Cancer Bruises & How to Get Rid of a Bruise? Discover 10 Common Causes Of Unexplained Bruises
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Bruise like spots on the skin that aren't bruises and unexplained bruising on legs. Easy bruising (ecchymosis) symptoms causes diseases and treatments.
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Easy bruising sometimes indicates a serious underlying condition such as a blood-clotting problem or a blood disease. See your doctor if you: Have frequent large bruises especially if your bruises appear on your trunk back or face or seem to develop for no known reasons. Have easy bruising and a history of significant bleeding such as ...
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Bruising is a common condition that affects everyone at some point. You should see your healthcare provider if you seem to bruise excessively or have unexplained bruising . Your provider will want to rule out certain conditions that may require treatment. Applying ice soon after an injury can minimize bruising .
Bruises Overview. A bruise is a common skin injury that results in a discoloration of the skin. Blood from damaged blood cells deep beneath the skin collects near the surface of the skin ...
Unexplained bruising symptom checker. Bruises are a normal response to an injury or trauma such as a fall a cut or bumping into something hard like furniture. These injuries can cause blood vessels near the surface of the skin to rupture. The blood from the vessels leaks into the tissues under the skin and gets trapped there forming a bruise.
Medical treatment for abnormal bruising or blood spots focuses on preventing or stopping bleeding changing or adjusting a medicine that may be causing the bruising or treating the medical problem that is causing the bruising . If the skin is injured over a bruise be sure to watch for signs of a skin infection.
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