Answer: brought tea to the colonies, but colonists boycotted taxed items, so 15
million pounds of tea sat unsold in British warehouses
British East India Company
The East India Company was the first company to record the Chinese usage of oil of bergamot to flavor tea which led to the development of Earl Grey tea. The East India Company introduced a system of merit-based appointments that provided a model for the British and Indian civil service.
East India Company also called English East India Company formally (1600–1708) Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies or (1708–1873) United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies English company formed for the exploitation of trade with East and Southeast Asia and India incorporated by royal charter on December 31 1600.
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The British East India Company sometimes referred to as "John Company " was a joint-stock company which was granted an English Royal Charter by Elizabeth I on December 31 1600 with the intention of favoring trade privileges in India .
On December 31 1600 the British East India Company (EIC) received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth making it the oldest among several similarly formed European East India Companies pursuing trade with the East Indies. "The East India Company established a monopoly over the production of opium shortly after taking over Bengal.".
The East India Company was a private company which after a long series of wars and diplomatic efforts came to rule India in the 19th century. Charter...