Answer: Having two branches or divisions (Forked)
Word Origin early 17th century: from medieval Latin bifurcat- 'divided into two forks' from the verb bifurcare from Latin bifurcus 'two-forked' from bi- 'having two' + furca 'a fork'.
Scrabble Points: 16
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Bifurcate derives from the Latin bifurcus meaning "two-pronged " a combination of the prefix bi- ("two") and the noun furca ("fork"). Furca as you can probably tell gave us our word fork. Examples of bifurcate in a Sentence The stream bifurcated into two narrow winding channels. bifurcate a beam of light
The word bifurcate can be used as an adjective meaning divided into two branches but the adjective bifurcated is more commonly used in this way. The word bifurcation refers to the act of bifurcating or something that is bifurcated. These terms are most often used in technical and scientific contexts such as engineering and medicine.
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Forked or divided into two parts or branches as the Y-shaped styles of certain flowers. [Medieval Latin bifurcāre bifurcāt- to divide from Latin bifurcus t...