Answer: preposition b 4
Word Origin late Middle English (as an adverb): from be- 'by' + the adjective low1. Not common until the 16th century the word developed a prepositional use and was frequent in Shakespeare.
Scrabble Points: 10
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below : [preposition] lower in place rank or value than : under. down river from. south of.
Below : Directed by David Twohy. With Matthew Davis Bruce Greenwood Holt McCallany Dexter Fletcher. Strange happenings occur on a WW II submarine.
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Below definition in or toward a lower place: Look out below ! See more.
Below : in a lower position than. Synonyms: beneath neath under… Antonyms: above over afore… Find the right word. SINCE 1828. GAMES & QUIZZES THESAURUS WORD OF ...
below adverb preposition (POSITION) A1 in a lower position (than) under: From the top of the skyscraper the cars below us...