Answer: except for; besides, in additon to
See Also in German. außer Kontrolle geraten verb. to get out of control become uncontrollable. außer Acht lassen verb. disregard waive set aside. außer Betrieb adjective phrase.
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außer translate: except besides outside out of unless save bar besides beyond but except exclusive of…. Learn more in the Cambridge German-English ...
Außer is the third of the infamous three but-lings the three German translations for the word but. Or actually we should probably say "options". The thing is that the English word but is for three concepts that German sees as different things.
Glas außer Milchglas ist stark reflektierend. Glass unless it is frosted is highly reflective. Die Identität aller Unionshersteller außer einem wurde nicht offengelegt. The identity of all but one Union producer had been withheld. Niemand außer mir fährt diesen Wagen. I mean nobody drives this car but me.
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