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Arts and humanities are considered as two of the oldest fields of knowledge available to man. The difference between the two is often seen with ambiguity. While art is seen as a more all-inclusive field humanities on the other hand takes into consideration a diverse and oftentimes unrelated set of disciplines from literature to political history.
No matter what your academic or professional goals may be the arts and humanities provide a vital foundation from which to explore and understand our world. Arts & Humanities Division The twenty-one departments in the Arts and Humanities are dedicated to exploring every aspect of human culture from literature philosophy and religion to architecture languages and music.
We understand the history of humanity through art. From prehistoric depictions of woolly mammoths to contemporary abstraction artists have addressed their time and place in history and have expressed universal human truths for tens of thousands of years. Special topics in art history. : Art history.
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The Center for Arts and Humanities serves as both the catalyst for innovative scholarship and creative activity and as a public "front door" to the arts and humanities at WSU. Conscious of the University's land-grant mission the center operates as an incubator for new educational p...