Answer: smell, scent, fragrance
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Word Origin late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin aromaticus from Greek arōmatikos from arōma (see aroma).
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Aromatic definition is - of relating to or having aroma:. How to use aromatic in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of aromatic .
Some common synonyms of aromatic are fragrant odorous and redolent. While all these words mean "emitting and diffusing scent " aromatic applies to things emitting pungent often fresh odors. an aromatic blend of tobaccos When might fragrant be a better fit than aromatic?
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1. having a distinctive usually fragrant smell 2. (Chemistry) (of an organic compound) having an unsaturated ring containing alternating double and single bonds esp containing a benzene ring; exhibiting aromaticity.
Chemistry. of or relating to an aromatic compound or compounds.
Aromatic compounds are chemical compounds that consist of conjugated planar ring systems accompanied by delocalized pi-electron clouds in place of individual alternating double and single bonds. They are also called aromatics or arenes. The best examples are toluene and benzene. Aromatics require satisfying...