Answer: sufficient
With four great-tasting flavors that suit a variety of diets Ample delivers convenient full meal nutrition on the go. Made from real-food ingredients with premium fats high-quality proteins and 4 or less grams of sugar per 400 calorie meal our meal replacement shakes offer a fast and easy solution for eating well when time is short.
An Ample EV battery is made out of lego-like battery modules that can accommodate any make design model or driving profile — from commuting to ridesharing to last-mile delivery even autonomous. A whole city deployed in weeks. Ample stations require no construction.
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spacious commodious capacious ample mean larger in extent or capacity than the average. spacious implies great length and breadth. a spacious front lawn commodious stresses roominess and comfortableness. a commodious and airy penthouse apartment capacious stresses the ability to hold contain or retain more than the average. a capacious suitcase ample implies having a greater size expanse or amount than that deemed adequate. ample closet space
Ample's mission is to accelerate the transition to electric mobility by offer...