Answer: may file brief or appear to argue their ivestors orally before the court
Amicus Curiae-"friend of the court"
Amicus Curiae Latin for "friend of the court." Plural is "amici curiae." Frequently a person or group who is not a party to an action but has a strong interest in the matter will petition the court for permission to submit a brief in the action with the intent of influencing the court 's decision.
AMICUS . CURIAE . has been defined as one who as a by-stander may inform the court when the judge is doubtful or mistaken in a matter of law. 1 . The term includes both attorneys and lay-men who interpose in a judicial proceeding to assist the court. The amicus curiae should be as the term implies a friend of the court.
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The word 'Amicus Curiae' is a Latin term which means 'friend of the Court'. It is the name which is allocated to a brief that has been filed in the Court by someone who is not a party to that particular case. It basically means a brief that has been filed by someone who is not a party to the litigation but he/she believes that the court's verdict in the particular case may affect its interest.
An amicus curiae (literally " friend of the court "; plural: amici curiae) is someone w...