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all talk
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Definition of all talk. : talking about doing things but never actually doing them The town's last mayor was all talk (and no action).
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all talk (and no action) talking often about doing something but never actually doing it. The car needs washing but Bill is all talk and no action on this matter. Bill keeps saying he'll get a job soon but he's all talk and no action. Bill won't do it.
All Talk is an original online series that follows the escapades of Russell Moretti and Casey Doyle (two misfits that go to extremes to make sense of what life has handed them). The series follows this unpredictable friendship and how Russell Moretti and Casey Doyle help one another in unforeseen ways-- while making you laugh.
all talk. Contexts . . Noun. Exaggerated claims that are rarely backed up or substantiated. Talk show. Adjective. Full of big talk but lacking action power or substance. … more .
Said of one who talks a lot about something that one has not actually done or will not actually do. S...