Answer: to act
The good news is that agir is an easy one to conjugate.It follows the typical pattern of regular -ir verbs to tell us which ending to use. This makes learning the conjugations for similar verbs rather easy.
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agir . vi. (=se comporter) to behave to act. bien agir to behave well. agir courageusement to act courageously. (=faire quelque chose) to act to take action. Il faut agir rapidement. We must act fast. (=avoir de l'effet)
(s' agir de/s'en agir )This is a regular verb of the second conjugation like finir choisir and most other verbs with infinitives ending in -ir. One salient feature of this conjugation is the repeated appearance of the infix -iss-. This verb is impersonal and is conjugated only in the third-person singular.