Answer: connected or attached to in a dependent subordinate, or auxiliary manner,
but not a part of
Word Origin early 16th century (as an adjective meaning 'joined on subordinate'): from Latin adjunctus past participle of adjungere (see adjoin).
Scrabble Points: 17
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Adjunct definition is - something joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it. How to use adjunct in a sentence. Breaking Down adjunct
Adjunct : a person who helps a more skilled person. Synonyms: adjutant aid aide… Find the right word. SINCE 1828. GAMES & QUIZZES THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY FEATURES;
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Adjunct definition something added to another thing but not essential to it. See more.
Define adjunct . adjunct synonyms adjunct pronunciation adjunct translation English dictionary definition of adjunct . Adjuncts are parts of a sentence that are used to elaborate on or modify other words or phrases in a sentence.
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Adjunct (grammar ) In linguistics an adjunc...