Answer: to attend
acudir a
a. to come. acudir a una cita/un mitin to turn up for an appointment/at a rally. nadie acudió a mi llamada de auxiliono-one answered my cry for help. 3. (fig) a. acudir a la mente to come to mind. 4. (recurrir) a. acudir a alguien to turn to somebody.
acudir . vi. 1 (indicando movimiento) (=ir) to go. (=venir) to come. señor Martínez acuda a información por favor Mr Martínez please go to the information desk. dijo que acudiría a declarar voluntariamente he said that he would testify voluntarily. el perro acude cuando lo llamo the dog comes when I call.
Puedes acudir a este evento de forma gratuita pero requiere preparación. You can attend the event for free but it does take some preparation. Las autoridades no necesitan acudir a procedimientos extrajudiciales.
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acudir a la mente de alguien loc verb + prep formal (venir a la memoria) come to mind spring to mind v expr verbal expression : Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example "put their heads together " "come to an end."
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