Answer: A Muslim ruler who became caliph in A.D. 685 made Arabic official language
in all Muslim lands
Abd al-Malik
Abd al-Malik s father was a senior aide of their Umayyad kinsman Caliph Uthman (r. 644–656). In 656 Abd al-Malik witnessed Uthman's assassination in Medina an "event [that] had a lasting effect on him" and contributed to his "distrust" of the townspeople of Medina according to the historian A. A. Dixon.
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Abd Al Malik was born on March 14 1975 in Paris France. He is a director and writer known for May Allah Bless France! (2014) Le jeune Noir à l'épée (2021) and Paris Tout P'tits (2015).
Abd al-Malik fifth caliph (685–705 CE) of the Umayyad Arab dynasty. He was notable for his administrative reforms including the adoption of Arabic as the imperial language and the issuance of coinage. His reign saw a wave of Islamization and the construction of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.
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Abd al-Malik (646-705) was the ninth caliph of the Arab Empire and the fifth caliph of the Umayyad dynasty. He overcame the dissidents in the Second Civil War and reorganized the administration of the Islamic Empire.
Abd al Malik born Régis Fayette-Mikano (born 14 March 1975 in Paris) is a French rapper and spoken word artist of Congolese origin. He has also authored books in French and directed a film...