Answer: rikotekina (利己的な)
a viaduct
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English Language Learners Definition of viaduct : a long high bridge that carries a road or railroad over something (such as a valley) See the full definition for viaduct in the English Language Learners Dictionary
A viaduct is a specific type of bridge that consists of a series of arches piers or columns supporting a long elevated railway or road. Typically a viaduct connects two points of roughly equal elevation allowing direct overpass across a wide valley road river or other low-lying terrain features and obstacles.
A viaduct is a series of bridges connected to each other for crossing a valley or low-lying area or an area that is not completely covered by a waterbody. A viaduct is a bridge and not all bridges are viaducts but all viaducts are bridges.
A viaduct usually refers to long bridges or series of bridges connected to one another by arch bridge structures that carries a road or a railway across a valley or a gorge. Viaducts mainly connect two points of the terrain which are similar in height in order to c...