Answer: varied inappearance or color
Word Origin mid 17th century: from Latin variegat- 'made varied' (from the verb variegare from varius 'diverse') + -ed2.
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Variegated has been adding color to our language since the 17th century. It is used in botany to describe the presence of two or more colors in the leaves petals or other parts of plants and it also appears in the names of some animals (such as the variegated cutworm).
variegated chintz - Comes from the plural of Hindi chint a printed Indian calico from earlier Sanskrit chitra "variegated." moire - Having a variegated or clouded appearance like that of watered silk. variegated - Can mean "having variety in character form etc."
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adjective varied in appearance or color; marked with patches or spots of different colors.
Variegate definition is - to diversify in external appearance especially with different colors : dapple.
The second stage was labeled "variegated babbling " in that consonants vowels or both could be different. From the Cambridge English Corpus As it develops especially in the second half of the century the picture becomes increasingly variegated scrambled and confused. From the Cambridge English Corpus
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