Answer: dar la hora
to strike (the hour)
DEFINITIONS 1. 1. if a clock strikes the hour it shows that it is exactly one o' clock two o' clock etc by making a sound once twice etc. Synonyms and related words. -.
14 to arrive at or come upon (something) esp. suddenly or unexpectedly. to strike the path for ...
on the hour a la hora en punto. out of hours fuera de horario. a quarter of an hour un cuarto de hora. to keep regular hours llevar una vida ordenada. in the small hours en la or de madrugada. to strike the hour dar la hora. he took hours to do it tardó horas en hacerlo.
The best way is as it is written. If you understand it there is no need to change it. If you needed to explain it then you would have to say something like "Every hour a bell would ring once for each hour of the time; for example at five o'clock the bell would ring five times."
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