Answer: darse la mano
to shake hands
shake hands (with one) To grasp one's hand as a gesture of greeting farewell congratulation or agreement. I think Dave is really upset with me—he wouldn't even shake hands with me earlier. We shook hands and I paid her for the car.
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A combination of good timing and proper technique will elevate you in the eyes of the person you are shaking hands with. Shaking a person's hand allows you to establish your friendliness and accessibility whether you are meeting your neighbors or starting a new job.
Caffeine is a stimulant so the same natural chemical that helps you wake up will also make your hands shake if you have too much. Coffee isn't the only culprit.
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If you shake hands with someone you take their right hand in your own for a few moments often moving it up and down slightly when you are saying hello or goodbye to them congratulating them or agreeing on something. You can also say that two people shake hands. He shook hands with his admirers as he made his way to the front. [+ with]
The handshake has been around for centuries. A widely held belief is that it originated to prove to someone that a person was offering peace and not holding a hidden weapon. But hands can be germy...
"If the outstretched hand comes to you and yo...