Answer: seize
to move quickly
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synonyms for move quickly . Compare Synonyms. bound. dash. flash. fling. flit. float. gallop.
Move or act with great haste. Jostle or push. To push or force (someone or something) violently and suddenly into a particular physical position or state. Verb.
verb. to move something quickly and suddenly. snap. verb. to quickly move something such as a light switch so that it makes a short sound or to be moved quickly in this way. sweep. verb. to move or to carry something or someone away with a quick smooth movement. whisk.
Moving is stressful enough in any situation but it can feel downright chaotic if you find yourself needing to relocate in a hurry. First take a few deep breaths and focus on making a plan—being organized will help the move go more smoothly even if you don't have much time. Most of all try not to stress too much.
to move very quickly in a particular direction or into a particular position especially to avoid something. duck. verb. to move quickly into or behind something especially to avoid being seen. duck. verb. to go quickly into a place...