Answer: asistir
to attend
Definition of attend. transitive verb. 1 : to be present at : to go to attend a meeting attend law school. 2 : to pay attention to attend the warning signs. 3 : to look after : to take charge of … campsites … attended by park rangers. — Jackson Rivers.
Attend: to go along with in order to provide assistance protection or companionship. Synonyms: accompany chaperone companion… Antonyms: ignore tune out… Find the right word.
Meaning of attend in English. attend verb (BE PRESENT) B1 [ I or T ] to go to an event place etc.: Over two hundred people attended the funeral. The meeting is on the fifth and ... attend verb (NOTICE) attend verb (PROVIDE HELP) attend verb (RESULT FROM) Phrasal verb.
attend 1. To occur as a consequence: ensue follow result. 2. To be with or go with (another): accompany companion company escort. Obsolete: consort. Idiom: go hand in hand... 3. To work and care for: do for minister to serve wait on (or upon). 4. To have the ca...