Answer: having knowledge of the future
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Word Origin late Middle English (as a noun): via French from Latin praesagium from praesagire 'forebode' from prae 'before' + sagire 'perceive keenly'.
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The verb presage was predated by a noun presage meaning "omen." Both forms derive from the Latin prefix prae- combined with the adjective sagus meaning "prophetic." Foretell predict forecast prophesy and presage all mean "to tell beforehand."
Synonyms & Antonyms of presage (Entry 2 of 2) to tell of or describe beforehand people used to believe that a comet presaged a major event such as the death of a king
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The song is founded upon the story of the aged couple of whom I spoke and is regarded as a contribution of good presage. A FANTASY OF FAR JAPAN BARON KENCHO SUYEMATSU Only for a moment could any presage of personal fear cloud the sweet serenity of the Maid's nature. A HEROINE OF FRANCE EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN
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