Answer: a trite remark
Word Origin early 19th century: from French from plat 'flat'.
Scrabble Points: 12
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Platitude definition is - the quality or state of being dull or insipid. How to use platitude in a sentence.
Platitude : an idea or expression that has been used by many people. Synonyms: banality bromide chestnut… Find the right word. SINCE 1828.
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noun a flat dull or trite remark especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound. the quality or state of being flat dull or trite: the platitude of most political oratory. OTHER WORDS FOR platitude
A platitude is a trite meaningless or prosaic statement often used as a thought-terminating cliché aimed at quelling social emotional or cognitive unease. The statement may be true but its meaning has been lost due to its excessive use.
/ ˈplæt̬.ə.tuːd / a remark or statement that may be true but is boring and has no meaning because it has been said so many times before: He doesn't mouth platitudes about it not mattering who scores as long as the team wins.
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