Answer: narrow minded; limited in experience
Word Origin late Middle English: from Old French from ecclesiastical Latin parochialis 'relating to an ecclesiastical district' from parochia (see parish).
Scrabble Points: 16
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Parochial definition is - of or relating to a church parish. How to use parochial in a sentence. Did you know?
1. Of relating to supported by or located in a parish. 2. Of or relating to parochial schools.
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parochial definition: 1. relating to a parish (= an area that has its own church or priest): 2. showing interest only in…. Learn more.
12 synonyms of parochial from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 32 related words definitions and antonyms. Find another word for parochial . Parochial : not broad or open in views or opinions.
Parochial definition of relating to or financially supported by one or more church parishes: parochial churches in Great Britain. See more. ...